Virtual Realty Plugin

Virtual Realty is an easy-to-use server plugin for the creation of plots of land for your players to lease or own, shareable with their own 'friends' list, to build their dream property, protected from griefers and even automatically switchable into a predefined game mode and back when they cross its boundaries! 

Download it from SpigotMC here:

With an Admin-level command for in-game plot creation and one for player-level plot management, plus an optional Plot Claim Item feature so your players can stake their own claims within your world, as well as sell or trade their unstaked claim items.

Easily distribute/sell/lease/trade/award plots to your players through any third-party plugin capable of issuing console commands. (e.g. Shopkeepers/Quests/Autorank)

Example usage:
Run a survival or creative server? - Protect your world structures with the new 'Area' feature and let players protect their real estate from griefers/attackers with their own plots.

Run an adventure server? - Set players to switch gamemode in their plots so they can build!

Use a mix of readymade plots you place in desirable locations and let your players create their own plots through Plot Claim items with preset specifications. 


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