Baby Bee Egg image

Baby Bee Egg

Introducing the 'Lil' Buzzy Charmer' spawn egg - your doorway to an everlasting world of bee-autiful wonder in Minecraft! With a simple crack, you'll release a forever-young baby bee, radiating with boundless cuteness and charm. From its dainty wings that flutter like delicate whispers to its heartwarming 'buzz' that'll make you smile, the Lil' Buzzy Charmer is the tiny titan of your pixelated garden. Whether you're a budding beekeeper or a nature enthusiast, this spawn egg is your passport to a miniature masterpiece of bee-licious moments. Dive into the enchantment and welcome your very own Lil' Buzzy Charmer today - your virtual hive will be forever abuzz with joy!

Yes, a baby Bee is called a...wait...ummm...larva? But this Bay-Bee will never grow up*

*actually it will grow into an adult in around 114 years. Yes, OUR years. See you then for your refund.

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