Baby Cow Egg image

Baby Cow Egg

Introducing the 'Tiny Moo Buddy' spawn egg - your gateway to an everlasting fountain of cuteness in Minecraft! With just a crack, you'll unleash a petite and perpetually adorable baby cow that's more than ready to be your faithful farmyard friend. From its endearing 'moo-tiful' greetings to its playful skips and jumps, this little buddy is here to sprinkle your world with pint-sized joy. Whether you're looking to liven up your barn or simply craving a daily dose of aww, the Tiny Moo Buddy is the answer. Don't wait - hatch your very own egg today and embark on a journey of miniature moo-tastic memories!

Yes, a baby Cow is a Calf! But this Calf will never grow up*

*actually it will grow into an adult in around 114 years. Yes, OUR years. See you then for your refund.

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