Riding Club VIP membership image

Riding Club VIP membership

Enjoy 30 days of in-game perks such as the exclusive name prefix of: "Riding Club VIP"
Along with the benefits of your enhanced rank, such as 12 Horse Slots to grow your stables and a rate of $150 per hour in-game currency earned for your accrued playing time!
Plus, you will receive:
Access to the /hat command
1 x Large (1000km) Speed XP pack
2 x Medium (500km) Speed XP pack
3 x Small (100km) Speed XP pack
1 x Large (10,000m) Jump XP pack
2 x Medium (5,000m) Jump XP pack
3 x Small (1,000m) Jump XP pack
1 x Large Horse Feeding Pack
3 x Small Horse Feeding Packs
The Large feeding pack consists of:
9 x Hay Bales
27 x Apples
27 x Carrots
50 x Sugar
Each Small feeding pack consists of:
1 x Hay Bale
3 x Apples
3 x Carrots
6 x Sugar
*You will receive an inventory voucher which you can redeem to activate this membership pack
**You could even gift it in-game to a friend!
***You could even sell it in-game!

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