What is MODN METL?

A revolutionary eSports-on-demand mobile platform utilising blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide gamers, amateur and pro, the opportunity to battle each other in competitive online matches for valuable prizes.



Challenge other online players to a winner-takes-all match-up or opt to compete for performance-based rewards.


In-app purchase of enhancements and upgrades for your game character to gain access to higher-tier challenge matches.


Continue to challenge other skilled players for even greater rewards, or withdraw accumulated winnings to your own Battlestar coin cryptocurrency wallet!

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Adding MODN METL battle mode to your online game


MODN METL rewrites the rules of engagement for e-Sports participants with a radically new economic model.


No longer the reserve of elite pros, our platform offers event-style rewards to all gamers on demand.


Dynamically priced in real-time, users can make purchases with our Battlestars token across multiple games.


Your title's virtual item sales and share of match fees settled in local currency through monthly remittance direct to your bank.


Launch exciting and targeted promotional campaigns through reward-based achievement goals and competitions.


Reach beyond your userbase and target a wider audience, all powered by blockchain technology.


MODN METL provides an environment encompassing multiple genres of gaming titles and categories of players.


Provision of valuable stats to show the types of game-style and gamers your title is attracting.

We are awesome

MODN METL is led by seasoned blockchain and IT experts, determined to deliver a uniquely thrilling eSports-on-demand game experience.

Jamie Thompson

A career in IT consultancy specialising in corporate and offshore services, Jamie has spent the last few years knee-deep in the cryptocurrency industry. A certified Professional Scrum Master and Kanban practitioner, having already successfully project managed blockchain-based platforms with rapid rollout schedules, he brings his Agile skillset and experience to MODN METL in overseeing the exciting developments to come.

Aaron Moy

A full-stack developer with fifteen years of experience in e-commerce, Aaron has a strong working knowledge of multiple facets of cryptocurrency technology and his involvement in various dev teams these past years have seen him deliver myriad mobile, web and desktop solutions for both private commercial clients and the crypto community.

Carlos M. Parada

A designer and business developer embodying a variety of skills, from architectural drawing and visualization to UI/UX development. Carlos has worked with renowned brands such as Hilton Hotels and Kompas Gramedia. In the crypto scene he has collaborated with a number of projects such as superNET/Komodo and has acted as brand Director and, subsequently, CBDO for WAVES platform in the ASEAN region.

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